Article VI: Faith, Politics, America

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I know it’s been a while since my last posting, and I thank you all for contacting me and reminding me of this blog’s importance. One reader in particular sent me a link to a new independent film, which managed to catch my eye and inspired me to post once again to CAB.

The movie is called “Article VI: Faith, Politics, America” and it calls attention to an important issue in modern day American politics – exactly how effective or intact is the so-called ‘Separation of Church and State’? Upon viewing the trailer, I was immediately interested and am determined to see it. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon, etc. I highly recommend you check it out by clicking here or by watching the trailer below.


Go to Iraq and Fight, Mr. President!

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It’s Time to Get Schooled

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Okay folks, if you have trouble answering one of these questions, click here for Mother Jones’ guide to Iraq for dummies. It’s important for us to understand, or at least attempt to understand, the politics, religion, and culture of the country that we have invaded. We have made it our business, and we therefore have a responsibility to learn about this country in an attempt to relate somehow, and become more tolerant.

1) What’s the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni?
2) Which countries border Iraq, and of those countries, which is constructing a wall to prevent Iraqi refugees from entering?
3) Who are the Kurds and what role do they play in Iraqi politics?

MC Rove

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Mark Fiore’s always on it. Here’s his latest animation, entitled “MC Rove” in which our favorite President Bush and his buddy Carl Rove put together a lovely satirical rap, like we do in the hood. Enjoy!

Condi Gets a History Lesson

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In response to Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice’s comparisons between the Iraq War and WWII, between George Bush and President Eisenhower, and between Saddam Hussein and Hitler, Keith Olbermann gives her a history lesson.

Kofi Annan Declares War in Iraq Illegal

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Earlier this month, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan spoke on the war in Iraq, and ultimately deemed it illegal. According to Annan, the United States and its allies did not follow standard UN charters and protocol before the initial invasion of Iraq. Proper procedure would have included more UN resolutions regarding Iraq’s supposed weapons of mass destruction. The lesson in all this, Annan has concluded, is “it’s best to work together with our allies and through the UN.”

Britain Begins to Withdraw Troops from Iraq

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On Wednesday, February 22nd, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced his plans to withdraw about 1,600 troops from active duty in Iraq. This would effectively reduce the number of British soldiers fighting in Iraq by over 20% and is intended to be the first step towards even more British troop withdrawals. This announcement comes less than a month after President Bush decided to deploy over 21,000 more American troops to Iraq. It seems the United States is quickly losing the few allies it has in this “war on terror” and unfortunately, our President’s decisions send the message that we don’t really care. To read more, click here.